Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

Grindell & Romero Insurance covers all types of motorcycles including, cruisers, choppers, sport cycles, touring bikes, dirt bikes, scooters, and much more. It’s important to make sure you are safe and protected on the road. Motorcycle insurance not only protects your motorcycle, but it protects you against careless drivers. Fortunately, with Grindell & Romero Insurance it is easy to get a quote and discuss your options. Request a quote online or get an instant quote by calling us at 575-524-8531.

Motorcycle Insurance Rates

Many factors determine your motorcycle insurance rate including, age, driving history, style of motorcycle, and even credit scores. Before you begin to shop around, save time by checking local and state laws to found out what type of coverage you need.

Coverage Required in Most States

Most states require mandatory motorcycle insurance. There are different levels and types of coverage you can choose depending on where you live.

Body Injury Liability: If you cause an accident and someone else is injured other that your guest passenger, body injury liability helps pay for the expenses. This includes hospital bills and medical care.

Guest Passenger Liability: If the guest passenger riding with you is injured, guest passenger liability helps pay for the expenses. This includes hospital bills and medical care.

Property Damage Liability: If you’re held responsible for damaging another vehicle in an accident, property damage liability helps you pay for the fixes.

Motorcycle Violations in the State of New Mexico

Motorcycle insurance is mandatory for the state of New Mexico. If you fail to be insured you could face the following penalties:

  • Criminal charges
  • Fines
  • Getting your registration cancelled

Practice Motorcycle Safety

There are many unsafe drivers and obstacles on the road, it’s important to take precautionary steps to ensure your safety on a motorcycle.

Motorcycle Safety tips:

  • Get the right gear – the proper helmet, shoes, clothing etc.
  • Avoid distraction
  • Ride within your skill level
  • Be alert on weather conditions
  • Leave enough space between you and the other vehicles on the road
  • Educate your guest passengers
  • No drugs, no alcohol when riding
  • Be alert
  • Consider taking a safety course or additional training

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