Few young people can afford to insure themselves. The best money-saving bet for a new driver is to get on the family’s multi-car policy. That’s not to say bringing a young person into the family policy will be cheap. When a teen comes aboard, the typical policy gets hundreds of dollars pricier. So, when your teen gets the keys, keeping bills down will be a challenge. Here are a few tips for adding a teenage driver to your insurance.

It Pays to Shop Around.

Once you add a young driver to your policy, your premiums can vary widely from one company to the next. For saving on teen car insurance, get a quote and compare. A sound comparison will account for all the same discounts applied by the companies, including discounts for bundling multiple policies.

Get Your Teen in the Right Car.

Does your family have more than one car? You might assign your new driver to the least expensive car to insure. Letting a new driver operate a high-performance vehicle is too much of a risk. Consider going with a more conventional vehicle.  When choosing a vehicle, keep in mind that certain safety features can bring discounts.  A car model with a strong safety record and rating will not only protect your teen driver but will help keep your premiums affordable.

Putting your youngest driver into the family’s safest car is a sensible decision.

If you choose to go with the least expensive older car, consider dropping some coverage. If your teens’ car is not worth much, dropping comprehensive and collision coverage may save you more in the long run.

Seek Out Discounts

Most insurers have several discounts for student and teen drivers. Make sure you do the research and know which ones are out there for you to take advantage of.

Discounts for driver training programs

Students who complete a certified driving training program or course may be eligible for a discount. Learning how to drive by a professional provides a hands-on experience that is largely beneficial for a student driver. Practicing a raised consciousness and level of awareness could be life-saving. Statistics will prove that students who complete driving safety courses lower their chances of getting into an accident.

Discounts for good students

Whether in high school or college, if a student is getting high marks, that could mean lower premiums. Students with B average grades or higher may receive substantial discounts. Sometimes as much as 15%! Hold on to those report cards, you will need it to prove academic achievement. Your teen should feel accomplished when maintaining a good GPA. Grades do amount to money!

Discounts for driving safely

A teen with a good driving record will avoid rate hikes. Consider offering your teen or young adult an incentive. A teen who is invested in the policy’s financial stability will help control the family costs.


If Off to College, Leave the Car at Home

Is your teen off to college more than 100 miles from you? Then there’s a discount in your future. Consider leaving the car at home. You can keep your student driver on your policy, but at a discounted rate, that only allows partial access to the vehicle. This allows the student can still have coverage during breaks back at home.


When All’s Said and Done, a Young Person’s Safety Is Priceless

Sensibly, you want to know how to avoid overpaying with a teen driver. But don’t save money at the expense of wisdom. The National Safety Council tells us half of the high school population will be in a collision before graduation.

Accidents happen, often to teens. Your child’s well-being is your first priority. You can count on a local insurance agent in the Las Cruces, NM area. One who, if an incident occurs, will work diligently on your family’s behalf.

At Grindell Romero Insurance, we view our role as advocating for you. Call us, and keep you and your teen well covered: 575-524-8531.


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